Friday, March 15, 2013

That time of the month: March (PM)

Cauliflower on more puree

That Time of the Month! What a great invention. An excuse to eat some food! Yes please!

So, was our dinner at Cutler & Co great? Great question. Well of course. Eating a delicious meal with a sister crab! No doubt. But what about the rest. I have to say that for me the meal started on a high and went steadily downhill to a slightly lesser high. And I think it was the dependence on purée. Ok, those crackers at the start had a smoked eggplant purée on them that was so fucking good. It was really good. It made me think 'I'm always going to eat eggplant like this'. High! The next thing I had, that rye cracker with smoked trout, horse radish and caviar-like not caviar called avruga was so good. All the delicacy and wonder you'd expect from a fancy restaurant. Then bonito on puréed avocado, which seriously detracted from the avocadoness. Delicious fish, but why not let the avocado shine?! Next I had the gnocchi on cauliflower on some purée. Come on McConnell, give the purée a rest. It was delicious and all, but lacked specialness.  It was kind of like the high-end equivalent of the vegetarian meal at the RSL. An afterthought.

Still, great night. I liked our waiter. I liked the wine, and of course I liked the food, and company, I just wish my mind could have been bent the whole meal through.

Chocolate yum things that came with the bill. Serve it up let's go!

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