Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Strange baking: Vanilla and coconut cake truffles (PM)

Are you kidding me? You made a cake, smashed it up and mixed it up with icing just so you could taste some blonde balls?! Sister, you is crazy. I do not want to come down on a sister crab, I guess it's not your fault you can't resist the lure of a ball recipe. It's the recipe author that is the idiot here. There is nothing even interesting about that recipe. Sure, I love vanilla , but come on...

You know what is good about cake? Its cakiness. Usually its flavour, very occasionally its icing, but if its a good cake it is also its cakey texture and the whole thing about having a piece of it. Mmmmm, cake. To get blonde balls why wouldn't you just make your Grandma's snowball recipe but replace the cocoa with vanilla or lemon juice and zest or all of that. Now that could make for some delicious balls!

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