Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Passover questions (PM)

OK, passover questions. Here goes.
It's hard to know what to cook for a dinner party at the best of times, nevermind those that are held on holy days and come with dietary restrictions. 

And like I said when we were discussing this very issue over That Time of the Month dinner, the passover meal is all about symbolism, and I think there is scope to make a dish that is symbolic of the passover story. You know, something evocative of:
- wandering in deserts
- parting seas
- plagues

But who has the time to get all Heston's Feasts on the spread?
Sure, we've got the freedom (thanks to Moses) but no time.

Personally, I hope someone makes this thing called Brei. It's like an eggy matzo pancake/fritter type deal.  I think it could be the hot new dish this pesach. 

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  1. Matzo Brei is more if a delicious quick lunch.