Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What's going on? (AM)

Something strange has been happening at Miss Soft Crab lately. People have been visiting this site waaaaayyy more than usual. I’m not under any delusion that we have more readers, I think that for some strange reason people are searching for something and that something is bringing them here. What I have deduced is that: a) people are coming here from the UK; and b) they are looking for French things. Look across the water UK people! The Frenchies are right there!

How do I know who these people are and what they are looking for? Because we have bulk traffic coming from www.google.uk and because in the last week the term 'French things' has brought 120 views here! Does that sound like a lot to you? Well it is! In the days when only Ewan McGregor fans came here, the top search terms were things like 'Ewan McGregor smiling' with 13 page views coming off the back of that. The post French Friday has had 850 page views in the last week! Does that sound like a lot to you? Well it is! That is usually about two-thirds of our entire weekly blog traffic and now just one post has brought that here? WTF?

So I tried to figure out what was going on.I typed 'English interest in France' into Google but all it gave me was a bunch of sites about interest rates and a news story about 3 British citizens who were inexplicably shot dead in France. I'm pretty sure none of that has to do with Miss Soft Crab. THEN I typed 'French things' into Google, thinking that maybe people were typing it in for a reason. But all I got was the same lame things I got last time (Gauloise, French accents, balconies). But I did discover that if you image search French things you get that adorable picture you see above and it links to our post, even though I totally stole that image off the internet. And I do feel bad about that. So one small part of the puzzle is solved, but I still don't understand why people are so interested in French things right now.

On the other hand I do understand why a person may search 'Olympic hunk'. Although we have never written about Olympic hunks here, that search term has brought 3 people this way. I guess we probably use the word hunk more than any other website, so no surprises there, really.

Oh, and one more thing that brought people here in the last week was the phrase 'fake Global knife'. Um excuse me, but any Global knives you see pictured on this blog are the real thing! Ok?!

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