Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Get your hand off it! (PM)

Ugh! Get your hand off it so much, Kiehl's.

Firstly, I think that Kiehl's and I have a pretty different understanding of the term 'success'. I, for example, would consider a successful website one that had both high traffic and the ability to deal with all that traffic. Kiehl's on the other hand seem to think a successful website is one that crashes when it has lots of traffic. Weird. Maybe that's cause they speak American English.

But that's just semantics right? The real point here is that, ugh, Kiehl's, your website is in Australia now. We are a people that do not give standing ovations at the drop of a hat. We are a people that believe that success is something you could largely keep to yourself. And until recently we were a people that were not overly gushy. I can't help but think that the advent of excessive gushiness may have come from USA. USA, I love you, but qualities that are charming in you are not charming over here. Like how baby farts are cute but adult ones aren't you, know.

So Kiehl's, instead of telling us your website is useless cause you are so great maybe just say something make like 'Sorry we suck.' And we'll get along just fine.

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