Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Monday (AM)

It's Monday again, readers. Monday.
Some days, when I wake up on a Monday morning,  I want to punch it in the mouth.  Today, I feel kind of fine about it. I slept a lot over the weekend you see. It was so sunny and nice yesterday, and I spent the afternoon walking along the beach checking out dogs. I mean dudes. Checking out dudes. So I feel like I really can't complain.

Just to be sure though, I asked my iphone for a second opinion. Not Siri, like you guys with iphones 4  might do. No. I have an iphone 3 which I am hoping holds out until the iphone 5 arrives, even though I ride it bareback which is not sensible if I want to it last. But that's besides the point. What I am saying here is that Siri does not live inside iphone3, so when I want to ask it a question, I basically just hit shuffle on the ipod part, and see what the universe has in store for me, magic 8 ball style. Because song titles tend to be less definitive than magic 8 ball statements, there's often a little back and forth before a position can be reached, but that's OK. This morning's conversation went like this:

K: iphone, am I going to have a good day? (hits shuffle)

iphone: New York, New York  - Grandmaster Flash

K: Holy shit iphone, everyone loves NYC. Does that mean I am going to have a shit-hot day?

iphone: Sound and Vision - David Bowie

K: Well iphone, you know damn well how I feel about Bowie, so that's pretty definitive as far as I'm concerned. Thanks, friend. 

Anyway, I hope ipod and I are right about this day. 

NB: After reviewing what youtube has to offer vis a vis clips of Sound and Vision, I have decided to play Let's Dance instead, so that we can all remember David Bowie as the young and beautiful man as he once was, not the old guy singing Sound and Vision he is here (if you really must know).



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