Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Art/Fashion (PM)

It's true. Lady Design Files went to my school, but she was in Russeth's year. And word up to her for having such a successful blog she can work full time on. Yes, congratulations. But um... is design more interesting than the stuff that K and I ate and saw and thought about? Is it? Is that why she has a successful blog and I just have... this? *sweeps hand across Miss Soft Crab* And only half of this at that!

Just jokes. I love Miss Soft Crab even if I still have to work my day job. And word up to the Design Files!

But that Gorman art as clothes thing, I'm not so sure. Of course I have made no secrets about my feelings for Gorman this past year, so some may say I am biased, THAT SHIT IS FUGLY! Not really. Or at least not totally. That first dress may be ok, or maybe it is just the nice photo? And doesn't Gorman always have something like in that harlequin pattern? Lord give me strength to never find harlequin print jeans attractive. As for that jumpsuit, just no. And I am a person that is not afraid to embrace the fug now and again. Fashionwise.

Give me Ken Done any day.

Did I ever tell you about this time LB and I went to the Gold Coast and had coffee at the Done Art and Design Cafe. It was probably the first time we went to the the Goldy. I'd never been to Queensland before and I was kind of shocked at how totally Queensland the state seemed to be. And the Gold Coast - MINDBLOWER! So you can see why I thought the Done experience was a must. Holiday highlight, people, HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHT!

LB and me at DONE*

*Did you ever notice that Done is spelt the same as done?!

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