Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Jew Year! (AM)

Shana tova, friends! Yep, it's Jewish New Year and I'm still feeling full. I hope you are too. From breakfast at least if not from your Rosh Hashanah dinner last night.

Yesterday I thought I may want to write about the dinner so I started documenting my day early. Around 8am, I started cooking my vegetable broth and frying apples for my honey apple upside-down cake.

But then, even though I did awesome things like add egg whites to the broth to clarify it and make a delicious caramelly cake which I put lavender on, um, I kind of forgot to take pictures. Then, at the start of dinner I remembered to start taking pictures again!

K made this beautiful-looking, delicious tasting challah.

And then I forgot to take any more photos because I was too busy eating. It was all I could do to make polite conversation. Sure, I managed to tell that Gorman story. At someone's request. No, really. And I found some time to talk about all the adorable things Baby does while he bounced around doing more adorable things. I listened to stories of Mondonna's wonderful LA life, and how G-Force's mum kept causing trouble at suburban supermarkets, resulting in a childhood spent travelling to ever further supermarkets. And among all that, there was no way I could remember to photograph all the delicious stuff. So I guess it was a pretty good night.

And at the end of it when everyone had left and I was tired and cold, I went home to my living room where it was toastie warm, I took off my shoes, I felt full, but not sick, and not long for bed, and I just felt so goddamn happy. Warmth and comfort and the promise of sleep, is there a better way to start the new year? Not for this loser.

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