Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stress factors (AM)

You know how when you have one thing in your life that is making you feel a bit stressed it is ok, but as soon as you add one measly little thing to that suddenly everything feels super stressful? Ugh. Why is that? If you add one stressful thing to another your stress level should grow accordingly.

But it doesn't. It grows stupidly disproportionately.

Also, when minorly stressful things happen to you out of context they seem much more stressful. Say, for example, when you check your work email when you are not at work (like an idiot) and you see an email from someone and perhaps they are accusing you of something and even though you know they are the idiot and you have done nothing wrong it seems really stressful; but if you just saw that email at work you'd barely bat an eyelid? You know? No me neither.

Anyway every time I feel a bit stressed I think, "From now on I am taking all possible steps to avoid future stress!" And I always fail. So here is a (non-definitive) list of things I am never going to do:

Check work emails on non-work days.
Try and force Baby to eat vegetables.
Put my foot in it.
Job applications.
Plan dinner parties when anything else is going on in my life.
Make an excessive number of social engagements.
Cook multi-faceted dinners.
Drink insufficient water.
Do any of the above when LB has an assignment due.
Do any of the above when I need to go to the toilet.
Do any of the above when I am hungry.
Do any of the above when it is cold.

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