Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Art/Fashion (AM)

Today's Miss Soft Crab was going to be about this hilarious website I found the other day called songmeanings.net. It was already half written in my mind, so when I sat down in front of the computer this morning, all ready to put finger to keyboard, I felt justified having a little trip around the internet before I got started, just to see what's happening. 

At my first stop, The Design Files, I knew immediately that songmeanings.net was not going to get a guernsey today. You see, today's Design Files post is about Gorman, and how it has done some collaboration with some artist and the result is beautiful art clothes. It is written in the typical excessively gushing style favoured of that particular blog, and the message is clear: Gorman rules OK.  

Now I don't want to be a total hater because we all know that making love is better than making war and also, because I totally admire both lady Gorman and lady The Design Files who, if I'm not mistaken, J went to school with (Is that right mate?). These ladies have both done one of my favourite things people can do, which is conceive an idea, execute it really well and become quite successful as a result of it. I am totally behind that and therefore them. 

But Miss Soft Crab must speak her truth. You know what Miss Soft Crab thinks when she reads about a collaboration between Gorman and some artist, a collaboration that produced this jumpsuit and this harlequin suit? Miss Soft Crab does not think: 
"Such amazing patterns and colours...that jumpsuit! Amaze."
like lady Design Files.  


Miss Soft Crab thinks that this is going to be a bunch of really expensive stuff, some of which might be pretty but some of which is definitely a little fug and the fact that a real live artist was involved in its creation, no matter how rad he might be, can't change that. 

I know it's a minority opinion but there you have it. 

PS: Ken Done is not involved in this Gorman collaboration at all. I just thought we should all remember what happened last time art and fashion went and got a room together. 

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ,first Paul Newmans white socks and now Ken Done t shirt.
    You should develope a regular feature of the fashion revenge .Hilarious