Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I once was blind (AM)

I don't want you guys to think I've got a one-track mind, but the arrival of Spring has made my goddamn year. Just four days of sunshine and I feel brand new. Or like a new release of a pre-existing model. Like my brain has emerged from hibernation. And I know there are more cold days ahead, but I'm sure they will be like water off the back of a duck to me now that I have seen the light (of spring)!

In the last four days I've thought of TWO brand new outfits using clothes I've had for ages. Clothes that have been sitting there in my cupboard and I have not thought to team because my brain has been mush. (The outfits, for those intimate with my wardrobe and curious or those in need of some AWESOME inspiration*, included pinky peach pleated pants with a pink shirt and a little jumper I like to call quilty tucked in, and a cream skivvy with pale denim skirt, burnt orange stockings and burnt orange boots. I looked so cute.)

Last night I made a dinner that was a variation of a meal I make plenty in warm weather but that I'd never quite made before. A brand new prawn marinating recipe sprung to my brain (ginger, mint, coriander, lime juice, pineapple juice).

I served the prawns with salad and coconut rice.

Then do you know what happened? I had left over coconut rice and I thought "what should I do with that?" I realised that probably if I fried it into little rice cakes, spread those with the salted caramel spread K made for chutney club and ate them with some fried bananas they'd probably be pretty effing delicious. Hopefully I will have confirmation on that that by the end of today.
Brain and spring, if you were horoscopes you'd be as compatible as Taurus and Virgo. If you filled out your profiles on e-harmony you would totally get match-made (I guess. If you believe the ads). Spring, you complete Brain.

If these last four days are anything to go on I'm going to be having great ideas out the wazoo for the next few months! So stay tuned readers!!!**

*This is included pretty much for K only. I know she will care.
**I really hope that my fingers aren't writing cheques my butt can't cash

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