Friday, September 7, 2012

Thank God I checked Facebook again (TGICFA) (AM)

This week has been pretty exhausting. Yeah, this is only my second working day of the week. And mostly I've just been watching Breaking Bad, looking in some shops, chilling with my homies, dancing, cooking, but you know, my brain got all jazzed on spring earlier this week and what goes up must come down.

So looking for inspiration last night I did all sorts of questionable things. I watched 15 minutes of The Footy Show hoping they would give me something. I knew they wouldn't, but Jimmy Bartel was on and I am, after all, a human. Anyway, even Jimmy couldn't make that shit watchable so I turned to Facebook. I hardly ever look at that stupid website these days and now I know why. All FB gave me was a raging jealousy of Chickpea's trip to Tokyo and her access to all that stationary, also I got sore eyes after rolling them so much at all the annoying shit people say.

But then. Just before bed I had one last look. And I saw this! Two friends posted it. And thank Christ! The first time I saw the link I didn't click it. Thanks Little Wonders for posting this clip of Edward and Bella' bad lip reading. Otherwise I might have gone to bed without shedding those tears of hysteria.

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