Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Monday (PM)

Yesterday K showed me how to use iPhone as a magic eight ball. We asked it a few questions but all the answers were pretty inconclusive. Frankly, I’m not sure it works so well. But inspired by her post this morning I decided to ask my iPhone how my day was going to be. I actually have an iPhone 4 but Siri is useless. Useless. Sometimes I ask her stuff but she just says, “Sorry, I don’t understand.” Every time! Bite me, Siri.

So I asked my shuffle if I was going to have a good day. Now due to a series of boring things I have very little music on my phone, I usually use an iPod for listening to music. But I do have a little bit on the phone. Mostly Prince. So I guess I thought it was likely that the result would be pretty positive. So I asked shuffle, “Will I have a good today?” To which it answered with Die Antwoord’s ‘Wat kyk jy?’, which translates to ‘What are you looking at?’   Yikes! Fine, iPhone, I won’t ask you do things beyond your duty. I’m sorry.

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