Monday, June 2, 2014

What babies want (AM)

I guess until they invent a machine that can read minds we'll never know what babies think. (Hi scientists, please don't invent that machine - so destructive and unnecessary.) 

But if I could ask babies questions and hear their answers that would be great. I would ask this of babies:

Do you get annoyed wearing onesies with feet all the time? I love the idea of being able to wear onesies all the time but I think I'd hate sleeping in a footed onesie and when you add the swaddle, ugh! So hot. I hope babies like it, do you?

You know how sometimes you look at your arm and hand moving and you look like your mind is totally blown, like you are thinking 'Whoa, am I making that thing move? Is that the thing that other people around me seem to have? Whoa am I really making that move?! How?!?!" Is that what you are thinking? Does your hand blow your mind?

Are you really as hungry as you seem to be? Sometimes you seem to want to eat all the time, do you eat because you are bored? (Don't be embarrassed about it, I do it all the time.)

Why don't you just go to sleep if you're so tired, seriously?!

Do you love me as much as I love you?*

Mainly I want to know that onesie thing. I mean, seriously my feet have got to be able to breathe!

*Mainly this is applicable to my babies. 

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