Monday, June 16, 2014

In praise of Sundays (PM)

My god,  J's post has totally made me go all misty for Sundays.  She makes them sound like the most awesome of days.
I guess I have to admit to myself and the MSC community that I am still a bit stuck in the mindset of younger J, wondering what the fuck The Bangles were on about calling Sunday a funday. I think I have  to admit that I have a habit of  always scanning the horizon for my next obligation, and on Sunday that shit goes into overdrive.
But I'm actually writing this during a very lovely Sunday afternoon, so I'm going to take a leaf out of J's book and enjoy it.
I've spent the morning at a cafe where the coffee is so fine it could take all cares away. I'm sitting at the kitchen table with the balcony door open, and a warm Irish breeze wafting through as I read about the triumph of the Dees over the Dons yesterday. A game of Hurling is on TV in the background (Cork vs. Clare, a 2013 grand final rematch. Go Cork!!)
Scores are level at 8 points all at the moment.

Shit, I just realised that one of the things that make Sundays pretty great is going to the MCG to see the game. What a joy it is. And maybe one of the reasons that Sunday makes me a little blue is that watching a game, when your colours are red and blue, means watching a loss.
Until this glorious year, of course.
But that's a conversation for another day.
When this game's over, I'm going to suggest to Appleheart that we have a Sundowner. He doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to suggest it. We're the only kids in this outfit, so drinking on a Sunday afternoon remains a delight.
Who am I kidding? Sunday is the best.

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