Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The confession (AM)

"Billy, this is your homework."

I have to tell you something. I love Miss Soft Crab, I love reading it, I love writing it, but sometimes I'm distracted or uninspired and it's hard, you know? I have some half formed ideas that may or may not work as a whole post. Sometimes I got nothing. That's just the bad weeks or the busy ones. This week I had so many half formed ideas and so much distracting me from them I forgot them all. 

Last night I was watching perhaps the most boring tv show in history. It's just this guy walking around parts of the English coast learning about the events of WWII in those parts. There were some interesting bits, of course, but really it's just a guy going for a walk. Anyways, there I was watching a boring show and thinking about how I really needed to go to the toilet and how boring that was. I guess I was feeling tired and our bathroom is cold and I just felt annoyed that one has to regularly perform this bodily function that requires one to get off the couch and go to such a cold room. May I also add that I don't sit on the couch all day. Mostly I'm up doing stuff and yet I never get around to weeing when I'm up either. All those distractions.  So there I was thinking about things I had to do that I didn't want to do: go to the toilet; clean my bedroom; and then, that's when I remembered I had to write a blog post, a wee reminded me. 

And then do you know what happened next? The movie Toy Soldiers came on TV. Now this is a movie that K and I used to watch all the time. Turns out I can still pretty much quote it all, presumably in its entirety, I didn't watch it all so I can't confirm that. Point is you thought it was hard for me to go to the toilet and write a blog post when I was watching an Englishman go for a walk, what hope was there once a teenage Wil Wheaton hit the screen!? So here we all are, me feeling bad I was distracted by a movie from writing a decent post and you wishing you watched Toy Soldiers last night. 

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