Sunday, June 15, 2014

In praise of Sundays (AM)

As a kid I didn't really go in for Sundays. Who wanted to go to school on Monday?  That's all Sunday meant to me.  When I'd hear the song 'Manic Monday' (which I heard a lot as a kid) and the Bangles would sing "I wish it was Sunday, that's my fun day," I just thought it was a bunch of total fucking nonsense.  Whose fun day is Sunday? But that was when I was a kid and I think one of the things that characterises  that time is that you're always thinking about the future. Childhood, although it feels like it goes on forever at the time, seems so temporary. You know you're going to grow up, that things change all the time, I think that's why it's so hard to live in the moment, you're always thinking about what's next. And that's why Sundays used to suck so hard, you knew Monday was so effing close. 

But now  I'm a grown up, with a grown up's desire to avoid thinking about the future too much and the daily aging and edging towards old age. And that, I think, is how I learned to love Sundays. 

In fact I remember the moment my feelings changed. I was having a beer at a pub on a Sunday afternoon, maybe 6 or 8 years ago and I realised how nice it was to be at the pub on a Sunday afternoon. It means that your boring shit for the weekend is done. Or it's not and you've decided not to care. It means that you're really using the weekend to its full advantage, wringing all the fun out of it till the last moment. What a joy! Of course I don't get that joy out of Sundays at the pub now. I mean it's nice, but with kids afternoon drinking just is not the same. I still love Sundays though. 

I love that they feel like a free day. Anything you do on a Sunday feels like a bonus. And usually I have time to cook a nice meal. And usually that meal is fish and roast potatoes and salad but I love that meal so who cares if I eat it most Sundays. I love how if you get some of your business done you feel so on top of things. Last night I went to the supermarket after dinner AND I sent some freelance work back to the client, so now I feel like my my work is all done. The house isn't even that messy. And because it was all on Sunday everything just felt better than on any other day. Oh sure, if I'd had a shitty day yesterday I may not be singing the praises of Sunday. Let's face it if you don't get shit done on Sunday and everything is all out of wack, Sundays suck it. But that's the thing about highs right? They're nothing without lows. 

I might have thought about the future a lot as a kid but I never would have thought that growing up would make me understand The Bangles. 

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