Monday, June 23, 2014

London Calling (AM)

I'm not sure whether it's annoying for me to constantly talk about these places I am visiting right now. I really hope it's not. I certainly don't mean to be all 'look at me, I'm in this great place'. But when you write a blog about the stuff you eat and see and think about, and all the eating and seeing and thinking about is happening in other places, pretty soon those places are going to come up. It's pretty impossible to avoid.

So here I am in London.  We arrived yesterday and will be here for a bit over a month. It's summer in London. It's kind of beautiful. 

I only came to London for the first time last year, to meet Appleheart for our first overseas trip together. I'd never made it a priority to come to London before because it's London, of course I would get there eventually. Plus, I'd heard so much about London being a bit shit. About how grey it is, how depressing it is, how rainy and dreary it is. No one was saying "London is the greatest, you've got to go to London" like they do when they come back from New York or Berlin or, you know, MONA. People's dampened (ha! cos its so rainy...) enthusiasm, and knowing I would eventually get there, meant London never rose to the top of my list of places to go. Then one day last year it did, so I came, and gee whizz did I love it. I couldn't get over how much I loved it. So many people. So much stuff. Such excellent food. Long long days and so much sun. No one ever mentioned that stuff before*. So I loved it. I really really loved it.

Of course,  I've often wondered since whether it was the greatness of London that I was responding to, or whether I was swept up by the excitement of my first overseas holiday with my squeeze. It was a very exciting time. One of the most exciting ever, truth be told.  

Now I'm here again, I guess we'll find out soon enough. But I have to say readers, the early indications are pretty good. 

*In a way that made me remember...

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