Thursday, June 26, 2014

No scrubs (AM)

Guess what I'm doing? Or NOT doing more like it? 
That's right readers. I'm not washing my hair. I've thought about it for ages and now I'm finally doing it. 
As you all know, I pretty much hate my hair all of the time. Sure, I have the occasional day where it looks half decent, but most of the time it's a mess that I don't know what to do with. The not washing phenomenon (or 'no poo' as the Internet calls it, or 'no scrubs' as I like to call it) which J and my former hairdresser was a fan of, seems like it could be perfect for me. Apparently it lets hair reclaim it's natural waves, which I know are there beneath all the frizz. Apparently it makes hair look lighter, which if true will help me kill another bird with the same stone, that being the bird that chirps to me about dying my hair blonde. It could be the answer to my prayers. Of course if could also look really really shit, which is absolutely not one of my prayers. Early indications are not good. It's been about 10 days and as you can see from the above, hair ain't be wavin', hair be frizzin'. Here's another shot. 
Oh, I should mention that I  washing my fringe because it just looks too shit without it. But everything else is strictly no scrubs. 

Oh, and here's a walnut stuffed shortbread I ate today. Delicious. 

But back to the hair. J is really my inspiration for this. She didn't wash her hair for a year and her hair looked awesome. It filled me with awe! It looked excellent every day for a year. If I could have just a little bit of her success I would be over the moon. I plan to blog about it regularly so we can all go on this scrubleas journey together. Away we go, readers. 

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