Thursday, June 26, 2014

No scrubs (PM)

My hair today, I've been kinda busy and haven't washed it since Sunday, FYI.

Let's not go crazy, my hair did not quite look awesome for my year of no scrubs, but it was pretty good. It was a pretty good time in the life of my hair. And I fully support your move mate. You are nearly through the hardest part! And that's exciting! Just a few more days, a week tops and all those natural oils will be balanced and doing what they should do. Most likely. 

Ironically (or something) I actually wash my hair more than ever these days. If I had the patience to get through the initial hard weeks of a no scrubs campaign maybe I'd run one myself, but when a lady is constantly covered in baby spew and her own breast milk and has to limit her wardrobe to sensible boob-accessible outfits and has no social life to make her bother to look nice, it's the little things like clean hair that help. And my hair looks best these days after a wash. Oh sure it'd probably look good after three weeks of no washing but in these heady times of internet and smart phones who has time for that. Kudos, mate for this slow hair movement you've embraced. 

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