Thursday, June 12, 2014

Miss Soft Crab Assorted: Irish selection (PM)

Ok first, of course I wish there was a soundtrack to Miss Soft Crab posts. (Business idea: release Miss Soft Crab soundtrack.) But, you know, I wish there was a soundtrack to pretty much everything in my life. Like maybe sometimes I could strut down the street while Aretha sings "Think", when I'm feeling sassy. Or other cool shit. I'd certainly have a more inspired soundtrack coordinator than I currently have. The other day I was in a cafe and Portishead's Dummy was playing as if it was 1997. Sure I loved it but, come on soundtrack guy.  And when it's not 90s classics I basically have a constant soundtrack of 774 ABC radio. Or RRR.

But that's by the by. 

Second shit, Mate, if I worried about all the potatoes I ate I would need some serious therapy. You know, if this was America and people got therapy at the drop of a hat. 

But Ireland, that place is great. It's been a long, long, long time since I was there but my memories are very fond. It is so green and beautiful and there are ruins everywhere which seem totally romantic and lovely. 

When I was 13 I lived in Ireland for a few months with my family. We lived just outside Galway in a tiny house behind a B&B. Russeth and I walked to school with my mum past blackberry bushes we'd snack on. Some of our teachers were nuns. We were also a short walk from the beach, a walk that took us past more blackberries and an adorable donkey. I know I don't seem like the kind of girl that had nuns and donkeys in my past but it's true, you guys. 

And the people! So friendly. For a long time I had a penpal from my school in Ireland. She had the most beautiful red hair. Eventually  we drifted apart,  it didn't help that she sent me a poem about abortion written from the viewpoint if the foetus. But the people are so friendly. 

And the chips and curry Mate, please don't miss them! Maybe it's the palate of a 13-year-old talking but I really think you should try it. You can just work out extra hard or get some therapy afterwards. 

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