Monday, June 23, 2014

London calling (PM)

I haven't been to London since I was a kid and my memory of it isn't that great. That is to say I have little memory of it, not bad memories. Basically my memories involve Indian  restaurants and delighting in the fact I was where Stefan Edberg lived. So those are two pretty positive associations right there.

I'd quite like to go there again. I hear it has excellent food and museums. But lord knows when that will happen. Europe is so far away and expensive and once you get there there are so many excellent places to visit, would I prioritise one where people speak a boring language like English? With such a grey reputation? But K loved it. And Pickle loved it. So maybe I should prioritise it!
No point worrying about that now though. I'm always promising LB that out next overseas holiday will be Indonesia so I guess I better come good on that one if these days. I hear it has excellent food. 

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