Monday, February 4, 2013

2013: The year of the Crab

OMG you guys! It is so good to be back! We missed you. I hope you all had a great summer. Wanna hear about K's and mine? OK!

J: Mate! How the hell are you? How was your summer?

K: Mate, I am pretty great because summer was everything I hoped it would be and maybe a little more. 
How was yours?

J: Wow! WOW! That is great. My summer has been going pretty good. Better than I hoped? I don't know. Real good though!

K: Well that's a start. I think the reason mine has been so great is because I had a proper break from work, I did a bunch of things with a bunch of people and also had a nice rest. And I went away for a couple of nights.  And the weather has been rad.

J: Yeah, I have loved the way there have been some hot days but not millions in a row. It has mostly been consistently warmish but not boiling. I've had the chance to swim, walk around in shorts on balmy nights, dine al fresco. All the best summer things!

K: Yeah, I swam a bunch of times too, just like I planned to. It was lovely. But then I got an ear infection. So that was kind of a slap in the face from Summer.

J:   Yeah, that is not meant to happen after you are about 5, right? Well, Can't win 'em all I guess. So what else did you love about summer? Personally I loved my NYE. Taking Baby to the early fireworks.

Then coming home to this:

And finally watching all the city fireworks on the roof with LB and a G&T in hand. Pretty much the perfect night! 

K: I liked the time I rode a bike along the track next to the Upfield train line and then discovering that the boomgates were down, road it across a road.

I loved that so much.

I also loved the time I came home from work to discover Le Flav had sent me a bunch of treats from France, most of which don't exist any more.

JOh, man. Sure, well done about the bike ride and everything but that package from Le Flav really is what is talking to me right now. So much so that I can't even think about anything else good that happened to me over the summer! 

K: Yeah, it had that affect on me too. 


We hosted a nice picnic together, remember? That was good!

Picnics are sooooo relaxing
J: Yeah, that picnic was really nice. And we had that nice dinner at the new Woodstock and pretended we were really neighbours.

A massive highlight was meeting the new baby of a couple of my favourite people!

K: Of course. The first of  the great babywave of 2013.  I hope all the new people that come this year are as lovely as she (seems to be in photos because I haven't had the pleasure yet...)

On the downside, seeing Les Miserables was a bit of a drag...

J: I'm sorry to hear that. I don't really have any down sides. Except I bought a new pair of runners I thought would change my life for the better. They haven't.

But on the upside, I think 2013 is going to be a pretty good year. First, the baby wave. Second, well, it's good to be positive a the start of the year. Third, we are shaking things up a bit around here.

A little bit.

K: Yeah! Just a little shake up because change is good but so too is easing it in nice and slowly.

Should we tell the readers what we've got in store Mate?

J: Maybe? Or maybe they should figure it out for themselves. Plus I don't want to write any cheques my butt can't cash. Plus, they only have to wait a few days to see the first change.

But you can tell them if you like.

K: Nah, you're right, let's let the people see for themselves. I don't want to write any cheques either, because I don't have a chequebook and also I am a little broke from all that summer spending.

J: Also, it is our first day back on the job and I am zonked after all this talking. Let's get the hell out of here!

K Don't need to ask me twice. See you tomozz, crab fans!
J It's good to be back!  Byesies!

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