Friday, February 22, 2013

Adidas, I just can't quit you (AM)

In late 2011 I saw some Adidas running gear in the window of Rebel Sport and I wanted it. It was some kind of whack, fluoro pink, eighties-inspired running shorts and singlet, but at the time I wasn't really running much or doing much proper exercise so I didn't buy them. Thought about them a lot though. So, naturally late last year when I was doing some running and needed some shorts, I decided I'd see if those delightful pink whack attacks were still around. They weren't and I just ended up buying a pair of navy and green Adidas running shorts that I liked well enough.

End of story.

I thought. But then, in January when I decided that I was really going to start running regularly and setting goals and shit like that, I decided that I may need some more running stuff. Like a singlet or two. Maybe another pair of shorts. You see, if you can remember back to when I got my compression tights in 2011, I like to have real exercise clothes to exercise in. It makes me feel more likely to succeed and generally better at stuff and also like people won't judge me 'cause I look serious about my sport. I realise this is pretty weak-minded but whatever works, right? Plus, you can only run so much. Well I can anyway, and running was all I could think about, so if I could channel some of that running obsession into clothes it seemed somehow productive. Or something.

When I thought of buying running clothes, all I wanted was Adidas. Oh sure, I looked at Nike, checked out what Puma had to offer but none of it appealed to me. I thought about it. A lot. Did that pink running ensemble really hook me so hard? I mean, guys, I bought a singlet with a giant Adidas logo on it! And a garish running jacket (which I effing love and which I have run in once and can't wait for the cooler months so I can wear it more!!)

And then it came to me. I suddenly knew why I wanted only Adidas.

Stefan Edberg, who has been off the tennis circuit for almost 20 years, was sponsored by Adidas. And I loved Stefan Edberg. I loved him. And even though I don't ever think about him  And even though I very rarely think about him, I am pretty sure that all those years of loving and following and thinking and watching him has ingrained Adidas as my preferred sportswear label.

Well played Adidas. Well played.

Not that I'm bitter about it. If it weren't for a childhood crush on Stefan Edberg and subsequent life-long brand allegiance to Adidas I never would have discovered these bad boys on the Internet. And soon they will be mine.

GOLD! When it comes to running clothes, the stupider the better, I always say.

So, well played Adidas for also making stuff I want.

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