Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shorties (AM)

Scotland has given Miss Soft Crab two of our favourite things: Ewan McGregor and shortbread.
It's also given me black pudding which I love very much but there is no way I'm getting the J-Crab on board with that. So let's stick to Ewan and shorties. Or to be more precise, let's stick to shorties, because Wednesday is Miss Soft Crab's new food day and I think we've said all we need to say about Ewan.
So, shortbread.
I love shortbread.
I love how solid and sturdy it is, and how it crumbles so satisfyingly at first bite. I love how it tastes like butter. I love how it is plain and simple in its deliciousness, how without pretension it is. I love how it goes with a cup of tea.
Sometimes I think I'll make shortbread to have around the house for when people drop by for a cup of tea, and up until the moment that I burn my tongue on that first piping hot bite of shortie I actually think people are going to drop by for a cup of tea.

Here are some pistachio shortbread I made at Christmas
The other night I made some in order to win the hearts and minds of the team of people I am 'directing' while I temporarily assume the position of Director while my real boss is in Scotland, the home of shortbread and Ewan McGregor.
Instead of the traditional shortie, I made this, which is more of a shortbread-like slice. Some might call it a bastardisation of true shortbread because it doesn't include ground rice, used in a proper shortie, the thing that gives it that lovely crumbly texture. And it's covered in icing made from golden syrup and butter and ginger. So sure, those that call it a bastardisation are some accurate bastards. But what a delicious bastardisation it is. The butteryness, the crumble, the gooeyness of the icing against that sturdy biscuit base.  Go ahead and bastardise away.
I do, however, think it could use more ginger. Especially in the icing. By following the recipe I got a hint of ginger, but was left wanting more, perhaps enough so there is a lingering sensation of heat. If one is going to bastardise, one should bastardise boldly, should one not?
Regardless, because I may or may not have been making it while e-chatting with J during the oscars ceremony, I have no photos of the process.

But this is what it looks like when I eat the leftovers at my desk with a coffee.


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