Friday, December 21, 2012

2012: The year that was

Well readers, we've finally made it to the end of the year. Not literally. Just according to the Miss Soft Crab calendar. Yesterday,  I finished work for the year (it's me, K by the way...hi you guys) and I can't tell you how great that is.
I'm writing this from bed you know. From bed!

So great. Anyway, it's J's last day today, so soon we will all be on holidays and so its time to share our final crabby words for the year. 

And what better way to end the year than look back over it and talk about it? Heaps of better ways maybe, but we'll never know because we chose this one. Lets begin!

K:  So let’s talk 2012!
J:  Ok! How was it for you?

K:  Um, kind of fast. How was it for you?
J:  Yeah. Real fast. But to be honest I am kind of excited it's over. The first half kind of sucked. And the second half was fine but boring. I'm excited about next year. But this is a retrospective, not a forwospective.

K:  Yeah, it was a perfectly fine year for me too, but I would prefer if 2013 was shit-hotter.But 2012 had some great moments including:
The Blizzie wedding. 

J:  It's true. 2012 may have had lowlights, but Prince was a lifetime highlight. LIFETIME! Do you hear what I am saying? It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I want to make that absolutely clear.

K:  I'm so glad you took the bait Mate, I thought mentioning Prince would fire you up.

J:  Oh, and Blizzie's wedding was great too.

K:  I liked the bit where little Nut was born. That was a pretty big highlight. And the bit where Pickle moved back to Melbs. And Hobart. As discussed last week. I loved Hobart so much.

That reminds me, I saw both Chickpea and Russeth on my way to work yesterday. Chickpea rode past me on Nicholson Street when I was waiting for the tram.Then Russeth got on my tram!

J:  Ha. Small world, uh? 

So yeah, Pickle's return was definitely a highlight.Hobart, of course. That was the best. Seeing how beautiful Hobart was. Eating each meal twice a day. Going on boats. MONA! I loved it. Also, the birth of Thor Friendship was a highlight! Seeing Ira Glass all the way back in January!

K:  Ira! Of course! Thor Friendship! Of course!

Let’s talk food highlights. Did we have any ramjets dinners this year?
J:  NO! Those slackarse ramjets! I don't think the highlights were as amazing this year. No ramjets
No Estelle.  But there were some highlights, right? Anniversary rum baba!

K:  Oh that's for sure. The rum baba we ate at Cumulus Inc. for our Miss Soft Crab anniversary dinner while sipping Prunella Mandorlata

J:  Prunella Mandorlata was a definite highlight

K:  Definitely. We need to start a MSC liquor cabinet...

J:  Hells yeah. HEY! How about those potato on a stick things we had at Golden Plains?! Not classy but delicious. Nordic dinner was good. I think that the food we made was more mind-bending than most of the stuff I ate at restaurants.

K:  Yeah, the Nordic dinner was a triumph. Remember those cinnamon buns Miguel made? And the cinnamon snowflake ice cream sandwiches you made which continue to blow my mind and I don't even like ice cream that much (though maybe I actually do...I seem to be changing...)

J:  Dude, you like ice cream. It’s time to admit it.

K:  Well shit Mate, maybe that's what will go down as the most memorable thing that happened to me in 2012...I opened my heart to ice cream...

J:  Maybe. I mean that is a good thing. So Mate, how about lowlights?

K:  Look, if there have been some lowlights, I don't really know what they are. What have I got to complain about? Nothing, that's what. BUT, if I had to say something, I would say the lack of supply within the hunk pipeline is a growing concern for me.

J:  Definitely! The birth of HotMC should have been a year highlight but it’s highlighted the lack of hunks - and that is a lowlight. So many lights! And how about our disappointing anniversary dinner at Mamasita?!  And theOscars and the hunk lack?! LOWLIGHT!

K:  All of these things have had the lights down low. Also, the lights are literally down low at my house because I think there is some dodgy wiring going on so a bunch of the lights don't work. I've actually been meaning to ask LB to have a look at it - do you think he could help?

J:  Maybe. He could have a look. And what a bummer.

K:  Yeah, it's a bit of a drag.

J:  So, anything else touch you this year?

K:  Hey, at the risk of sounding like someone who would say this, another highlight for me has been watching Baby grow up a little bit and become even more adorable. I'm really digging on that whole thing.

J:  Oh, dude, I didn't want to be the one to say it but you are so right! The kid just gets better and better. Like that time he said to me, "You look beautiful. But some of the other boys don't know it.' So cute, and so true!

K:  Oh my. We've been saying that to one another for years and now the fruit of your loins is saying it to you! It's so much cuter when it comes from the mouths of babes though, right?

But Baby saying it is cute too.

J:  HA!

K:  Nyuck nyuck nyuck

J:  Hey mate did you have an MSC highlight?

K:  Ooh, good question. I liked multi-faith Haiku Thursday. And I'm sure there were some other great moments but I'm still laughing at that thing I said about 'from the mouths of babes' before so I'm a little distracted. What about you?

J:  HAHAHA. Yeah, that was funny what you said two minutes ago. But so was Multi-faith Haiku Thursday. Definitely some of our best work. I also liked the official birth of FC.

K:  How could I forget?!The official birth of FC has been one of the great things about 2012 for sure.

J:  Yeah. It has.

Um... so what do you say mate, should we blow this popsicle stand so that we can hit the Miss Soft Crab Christmas party, or what?

K:  You know it girl! There's a rum baba out there with our names on it!

Merry Christmas and happy new year, crab friends!

 J:  Yeah, have a great one y'all!