Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things that I made (AM)

So I made some nice things over the last couple of days. 
Want to see them?
OK, OK, fine. I'll show you guys. 
And thanks for saying yes. Imagine if you didn't care. Awkward. 

First, I made  an apron as a housewarming gift for Hushaz. 

I followed this pattern and basically did everything they told me to do. At my house,  making a apron  looks like this:

And ultimately this:

Not bad, huh? The genius of it is that it is adjustable, so it will fit a woman of average height like your author, as well as a woman blessed with the gift of height, like Hushaz. I feel like she's going to do some great cooking in that thing. 

Next, I made some birthday cupcakes for Scampy. It's Scampy's birthday today. Happy birthday Scampy! We're all going to the pub tonight,  so obviously someone had to make cake. 

I used this basic buttercake recipe, which I wanted to be excellent and moist and not dry like buttercake often is. 

The making of the cake looked a little something like this:

They puffed up real nice, huh?

I decided to ice them with this chocolate coconut icing because I wanted them to taste like coconut rough. 

So now they look like this:

I sampled one and I have to say, I'm not convinced. But it's possible that's because my taste buds are a little shot out after eating too much batter. I'm having another one for morning tea, so I'll know more then. 

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