Friday, February 8, 2013

That guy should work more: Adam Goldberg

I know that history is written and there is no point speculating about how things may have been. And yet… I would bet this: If K and I did not see Dazed and Confused 5000 times and be dazzled by Adam Goldberg declaring, “I wanna dance!” the phrase “That guy should work more” would not be one of our catch phrases. Yeah, we have catch phrases. And this is in the top 5 most frequently declared. And it is largely thanks to Adam Goldberg. Right mate? Am I right?

K: You are so goddamned right.

The history books will show that we have seen Dazed and Confused 5000 times (did you guys know that Ben Affleck and his old teeth are in that movie? True fact) and we were dazzled by Adam Goldberg saying "I wanna dance!" and now we say "that guy should work more" all the time.

Because plainly and simply, some people should work more. Adam Goldberg, he is one of them.
You know he is one of them because whenever he turns up in things you think "Goldberg! Why aren't you in stuff all the time?! You're great!" 

J: That is exactly what I think every damn time I see Adam Goldberg! Every time I watch Dazed and Confused, I think it. When I saw The Hebrew Hammer , I thought it. When I saw 2 Days in Paris, I thought it! Seriously! Why doesn't that guy work more?! In fact if you look at his IMDb page you will see the guy works plenty, he doesn't need us on his side, but I wish I saw him in more stuff.

Did you know that The Hebrew Hammer is one of the reasons that I seriously wanted to put Mordechai on our baby names list. Needless to say LB put the kybosh on that pretty quick.

K: I really like the name Mordechai. Mordy. Imagine if Baby was called Mordy! Cute.

Anyway, I just looked at IMDb and sheesh, that Adam Goldberg never stops working. But I think he is in the wrong things.

He should be in more things like The Hebrew Hammer and 2 days in Paris. I wonder if he was in  2 Days in New York. I heard it was really shit so I didn't bother with it. Plus, Adam Goldberg wasn't in it!

J:  It's true, Adam Goldberg gets a lot of work, but the point is that he should work more in stuff we want to watch. You'd think the Hollywood big wigs would be falling over themselves to get a quite hot, certainly charismatic Jew in stuff! 

Adam Goldberg, you should work more!

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