Thursday, February 21, 2013

A year of the new guy (PM)

Happy birthday Little Nut!

Gee, they grow up so fast! Just jokes! But not really. I mean, first they pop out and they are just this tiny little thing that sleeps a lot and somehow you love them more than anything or anyone before even though you barely know them and they barely exist. And only one year later they are a full little dude that maybe walks and maybe kinda talks. Crazy. I mean what else happens like that in a year. Nothing! Except I guess you could maybe meet a person, not know them and a year later be totally in love with them. Or someone could die and you could go from being completely unable to imagine a time that is without the pain to being in a place where the pain is dulled, less constant. You could lose 20 kilos or gain 20 kilos. A person could go from completely non-existent, COMPLETELY, to 3 months old within a year. Shit. I guess a lot is possible in a year. No wonder kids go from tiny little sleeping bundles to a toddler in that time.

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