Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why is flannel so magic?!

Last week I bought flannel donna covers for my bed and Baby's bed and Newbie's bed because the nights are cold and the mornings are colder and it's mid-year sale time. And since I put them on the bed 4 days ago all I've wondered is why the eff I didn't buy them earlier and how the hell is flannel so much warmer than regular cotton. After reading up on flannel on Wikipedia I'm none the wiser. Except I think what I'm calling flannel is actually flannelette and what can technically called flannel is ... I don't really know. Semantics really. All I care about is how the hell just brushing cotton, napping it, can make it so snuggly buggly. I've made no secret about how much I love bed. Lying in bed! Sleeping! Being warm! These are all in my top ten favourite things and when you add flannel(ette) to this mix these things are improved outta sight!

When I get into bed now my smile is bigger (yes, I actually smile when I get into bed most nights, especially if it's before 10PM and everyone is in their own beds) my body is warmer and I just feel fucking bon! I guess the softness is a substantial factor in the snuggly buggliness of flannel, but what about the warmth? I guess the nap means the tiny holes in the fabric are covered and gives it a better thermal retention. But also I guess the reason is really moot. Who gives a shit, just let me snuggle in my flannel dooney!

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