Monday, July 31, 2017

Follow through

There are so many things that I start each day wanting to do and then not following through on. For example:
- calling the physio to make an appointment to get my pelvic floor sorted out
- more recently, calling the physio to make an appointment to get my tight glutes sorted out
- reflecting on the possible relationship between an undisciplined pelvic floor and tight glutes
- organising fun things to do with my friends
- brainstorming some great content for MSC
- going to the bank to do boring non-urgent bank stuff
- booking tickets to see The Book of Mormon (mate, I'm seriously going to do this tomorrow) 
Etc. etc. etc. 
It's just that there's no time at all before the day takes over.
Appleheart is the opposite. If he woke up at 7am one Monday determined to get his pelvic floor sorted out, he'd have had his first appointment by the end of the day and be crushing walnuts with his pelvic food muscles by the same time next week. His follow through is outstanding.
I guess some part of me doesn't feel that this stuff is important, otherwise I'd do it, right? I follow through on the important stuff. And I'll follow through on the list above. Eventually. 
Say, should I set myself a little challenge? How about I come back on Wednesday with a concrete date for seeing The Book of Mormon! 

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