Friday, July 14, 2017

Let's talk about Harry

You know in the old days Prince Harry just used to be the less attractive, douchey little brother of Prince William that used to get drunk and turn up to parties dressed as a Nazi. I mean, basically he was just a dude behaving like any other dude of his age, but as a prince I guess everyone got to hear about it and have an opinion about it. Sucks to be a prince I guess. Especially if your mum died when you were just a boy.

But after following a couple of royal Instagram accounts, I gotta tell ya, I really kinda dig Harry. I mean, I guess it is in everyone's interest, including his own, that he works with and promotes charities, but if he was a real douche he'd probably just hang out in Monaco snorting coke of chicks' tits, right? I really like how he's always publicly getting HIV tests to promote HIV prevention. Here he is getting tested with Rhianna.

I like how he talks about mental health issues and how hard he had it dealing with his mother's death. You know, like he would. I mean, sure it's all palace approved but he still does it and I gotta say word up to that guy. I know he gets lots of cool stuff like nice cars and good champagne and free trips and tax-payer funded income so he probably should be doing some good for the world, but word on him for doing that.

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