Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I started

I started the wardrobe audit yesterday. Thanks to J for that great terminology. I took everything out of my cupboards and laid it out on my bed. I made separate piles for dresses, jackets, knits, pants, skirts, etc. etc. etc. 
I didn't photograph it because I was kind of ashamed by the volume of stuff and the fact that I feel ambivalent about most of it. I started a pile of things to go to the op shop and I put lots and lots of things on it. That felt good.
Then I realsied that maybe I was dismissing some things that are still good, but just wrong for the season. Or maybe just need a wash. I started to doubt everything. And I got sentimental. What to do with my first pair of dejour jeans, that are still good but a bit too faded? Those jeans showed me how great jeans can be.  I'll want to wear super faded jeans again, one day, right? Ditto my green coat, the coat that so perfectly met my needs at the time I bought it, but I would never wear now. 
I guess I lost the thread of the exercise. I was tempted to move everything to the spare room and resume again today but in a real triumph of maturity, I decided that would be a mistake that would leave me feeling no sense of achievement as well as general anxious. 
I put away the things I knew I wanted to keep and  created a draw of question mark items. If I don't wear them in the next six months, they're out. 
And I have two bags to go to the op shop. 
I feel kind of ok about it all, but not the relief and excitement I thought I would feel. I guess that's because it's only clothes and who really cares when there are intergalactic ballistic missiles and such. 
But heck, if I don't feel good about it then no one will, so let's just look at the bags of stuff for the oppie and feel soothed. 

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