Friday, July 21, 2017

A little bit hot

Today's post answers the question posed on Wednesday: is Colin Farrell hot? I'm going to give you the answer straight up: he's quite hot, readers, quite hot. 

For many years, I paid him no mind, because he seemed kind of gross like one of those dime store hunks they try to palm off on us as the real deal. You know the type. 

When I saw The New World I realised I was prepared to tolerate him. Years later I saw The Lobster and I realised he was quite good in things. I guess a seed got planted, because from then on, I've been slightly interested in him. 
Plus, he's Irish, and that can be quite hot. 

So when I started to see ads for The Beguiled I thought  it was time to answer the question once and for all. But let me be clear, the research proposition was not to establish if he's a hunk. I know he's not. But as I was watching it, I could see that he's more interesting than most handsome people on the screen. You know, he's quite hot. 

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