Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Getting real clean

I am so glad K brought this up yesterday! And by 'this' I mean cleansing and clearing and wardrobes and dressing! I have been thinking for a considerable time that if I could just clear my closet and my eyes I could do a great job dressing on a more regular basis. And in fact I have been on something of a clearing mission. I've sold some stuff on eBay recently, I've taken things to the op shop. I've committed to farewelling clothes I've held on to for a long time despite the fact I never felt happy wearing it. Why hold on to these things!? So no more! That's what I'm saying.

And all this cleansing has helped a lot. I've been wearing outfits that I've been pretty happy with lately and guys, that feels great. If you can see what's in your cupboard your eyes really are open to the possibility of outfits. Just the other day under my cupboard I found a tag of some pants I bought a few months ago, wore a few times then completely forgot about because they are stuffed in between all the other shit hanging in my cupboard. Gross, right? To be fair those pants are really summer pants so it's not like I would have been wearing them anyway but I do think that was a pretty fucked up turn of events. What if we're just buying things we already have that are just lost in our cupboards.

A full audit is in order and although I've been working towards this I think that the next step is to remove everything from my cupboard. And by that I mean EVERY THING so that I really know what is in there and can conceptualise my outfits for a brighter future. I'm feeling pretty positive about this move and I'm hoping it may give me... Oh shit I was distracted from writing this by a message K sent me about poodle puppies and then I sat in reverie wondering if I should enquire about these poodle puppies and now I have no idea what I was hoping this wardrobe audit may give me but whatever if it is I was hoping for I hope I get it!

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