Friday, July 28, 2017

Uh-oh nuts

Last night I went to see the film Dunkirk. Tom Hardy plays a spitfire pilot in it. When he came on screen in his cream wool turtleneck and leather jacket with sheepskin collar, looking all warm and broody I thought you know what? Long-time Miss Soft Crab fan Miss Dizzy is right. Tom Hardy sure has got something. Then I thought Shit! Miss Soft Crab! I forgot to post! Sorry about that folks. 
Also, a little PSA, if you're going to Dunkirk expecting to see Tom Hardy be really handsome, you can save your money. He soon after puts a pilot mask on and spends basically the entire rest of the film with his face covered up. It's like buying a fancy car that goes really fast (a Ferrari I guess? A Maserati maybe?) only to drive in 40km per hour school zones between 3pm and 4:30pm. A total waste!  

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