Monday, July 24, 2017

Black and white

I think it's important to acknowledge the point K alluded to on Friday. When it comes to hunks it's not all just black and white. What about Hispanic?

And Asian?!

Ha! Just jokes. But seriously folks, when it comes to hunks Miss Soft Crab may have you believe it's a matter of just two choices, hunks

and not hunks

But life is not all black and white and neither are hunks. Hunks are much more complex than that. There's of course those that are a little bit hot:

and those that are really quite hot:

Not every hunk is going to start with a question (e.g. is this guy a hunk?) and end with a definitive answer (e.g. YES)

Most times you want to figure out if someone is a hunk it will probably just end up with a murky kinda maybe. But that's ok too, that's life guys. And not surprisingly, that's Collin Farrel too. I initially found him pretty repulsive and then I saw him in In Bruges which I really enjoyed and liked him in and then I saw him on Graham Norton and quite enjoyed him and I guess I think K's probably right, he's a little bit hot. And that's great, good for him and good for us. They can't all be hunks, but a little bit hot is ok by me.

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