Friday, July 28, 2017

Well shit

K's done an out of session Friday post. Does this mean I don't need to post today? Up is down! Down is up! Tom Hardy is hot in Dunkirk! But don't bother seeing it for his hotness! I don't know what is going on today! But I'll just say this: I know that people, including Miss Dizzy and Pickle are pretty hot for this Tom Hardy. Frankly I don't see it.  According to IMDb he's in films that I've seen but I've never noticed him in those. I've just seen him in photos on the internet which do nothing for me. BUT I am the first to admit that seeing a person front and centre in a film can do a lot, A LOT for their hotness. So don't worry Tom Hardy, I'm not writing you off yet.


  1. Check out Tom Hardy in Wuthering Heights ( 2009)

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  3. Check out Tom Hardy in Lawless. Cardigans!