Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Starting the week off right

First I think it's really important to say, thanks K for starting the week of right. 

You know who else started it off right? This girl I see at the pool every Monday afternoon when I take Baby for his swimming lessons. Every week this girl is there probably having lessons too. She's probably  ten or twelve and I always see her after she's gotten out of the pool wearing white  flannel pjs with a colourful flouro print on them and she wears them with black Nike Frees. She looks totally fucking fly in the best way.  But not only does she looks totally fresh she looks so goddamn comfy. Imagine getting out of the pool late on a winter afternoon,  getting all snugly in your flannel pjs and probably going home TV watch to while someone makes you dinner. (Maybe - who knows what this girl does.) And also you look ace. That just seems like the best That girl is a goddman inspiration!

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