Monday, September 22, 2014

The 20/20 Experience (PM)

Patchy though JT's show seems to have been, I think it's so great that this whole thing happened. That J went along, chose the best tickets, danced and swayed and generally took what was on offer, it's an excellent thing. When she told me she was going, I thought yeah! Way to live your life, Mate.
It's easy to not buy a ticket to this sort of thing. The cost. The funny feelings about wanting to go, but also knowing that you'll probably find a lot of it quite lame, but still wanting to go. Usually I hesitate for so long the tickets sell out and then the decision is made for me.
But J played this one just right, I think. I assume there was a moment where she said to herself
'Is there fun to be had by going to see JT?'
and herself would have replied
'You're asking me whether there's fun to be had seeing a mega pop-star who can dance and also wrote Dick in a Box? Girlfriend, you tell me!'
and seconds later that visa debit card would have been figuratively swiped.
And of course that promise of fun materialised, in amongst the lameness. Human Nature? Really JT? That's a bad call, man. Also, houselights have only one role to play in the middle of a show and that's to be briefly blasted for the purposes of whipping the audience in to a frenzy. Please see our writings on Prince.
I also think that it's impossibly cool that before J went to the JT concert, she bathed, fed and put her two sons to bed. If that's not living life to the maxx, I don't know what is.

And now, for your Monday evening viewing pleasure...

PS: Sorry for my late post. We have houseguests at the moment and it's totally messing with my routine.

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