Thursday, September 11, 2014

I see a black thumb and I want it painted green (PM)

I can't wait to see your garden, Mate, it looks great from here! And way to go on the parsley. I've killed parsley before, so growing such a thriving plant is by no means an insignificant thing.

I've really missed having a garden since being over here. I've missed the ritual of planting stuff on the weekend and then compulsively going out to inspect it every morning to see if anything has grown, then kind of forgetting about it for a few days, then going back and seeing that some green is poking through the dirt. It's very satisfying. And when you can eat the stuff you grow, it's particularly awesome. Though I am quite partial to flowers too. Anyway, I miss having a garden and I'm looking forward to having one again when I get back.

In three weeks! Woot!

You know, Mate, now that you've got a great place to live and a great garden to grow, perhaps it's time to consider...chickens! You would have fresh eggs and Baby and Newbie would have WONDER in their back yard. 
And in case you've forgotten, you LOVE chickens! You could get a couple of little Bantams. Or those ones with fluffy feet. You'd just need a place for them to brood and then hey pesto (heh), you'd have 
I think you should do it!

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