Thursday, September 25, 2014

Terrific Tuesday goes Thursday! (PM)

A terrific day is just what the doctor ordered! Not because I've been having unterrific days, just because heck you guys, why not?

I've got some pretty terrific ideas for today. First of all, I might have porridge. FOR DINNER! I know it's a wild idea but I'm in Scotland, and it's pretty wild here. Plus, I've got a lot of oats to eat before Saturday, when I leave this place. And if you think eating porridge is good under normal conditions (which it absolutely is), try doing it in Scotland where you get to think and sometimes say "That's not how you make porridge!" the whole time you stir the pot. It's really terrific. Also, the berries here are out of this world. They have these delicious little numbers called brambles, and if you put those on your porridge with a little toasted coconut you are experience something pretty terrific.
So there is a very good chance that this day is going to involve a little terrific porridgey dinner for me.

Also, I am going to make today terrific by giving the gift of Caramello Koala to the folk I've been working with.  Earlier this week I gave them the gift of Anzac biscuits and hedgehog which made for a pretty terrific Monday, let me tell you. But I asked my mum to send over some Caramellos for me to distribute on my last day here and they arrived yesterday. I was going to hand them out tomorrow but what the hell, is this Terrific Tuesday goes Thursday or what?! I'm just going to do it today.

Now let's remind ourselves what's not how you make porridge!

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