Thursday, September 25, 2014

Terrific Tuesday goes Thursday (AM)

As predicted, since Miss Soft Crab moved to a two-day-a-week blog the world has lost some great days. It's lost the chance to think about favourite things on Fridays and the ability to turn a regular old Tuesday into a terrific one. But why. You know what other day starts with a T? Thursday! That's today! Oh sure, it's too late for Tuesday but let's all make today terrific! 

Here's how I'm going to do it:

Eat porridge! Ok so I eat porridge for breakfast 9 days out of 10, but I love it every single time. What I don't love is the days when I don't eat porridge. There's no way I'd eff up Terrific Thursday by skipping porridge. No way!

Have 2 coffees! It's a grand tradition on Terrific Tuesdays to have 2 coffees and why break with tradition just because it's Thursday?! I'm going to start my day with a home brew and later I'm gonna keep things moving with a take away. Terrific! 

Celebrate the new year! It's rosh hashanah guys and who doesn't love a New Year celebration?! Oh I know there are people out there who say "oh I hates New Years, so much pressure to have a good time" or "it's so anticlimactic". Well I really like New Years, I usually gave a really good time and why should the Jewish version be any different? Good food with my family? Terrific!

Three simple little things to make this day terrific. It's not much, in fact if I'm honest you know what makes Terrific Tuesday no matter what day it is? The mindset. It's all about the mind set. Shana tovah you beautiful sons of bitches. Go out and have a terrific day!

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  1. Hey did you come to that porridge thing I did with Joni ages ago? Perhaps we should have another porridge party some time soon? Maybe even with everybody dressed as insects? And dancing. What do you think?

    You know, a little while ago Russeth told me about a crazy fad diet that he's on. INTERVAL FASTING. Perhaps you've heard of it. Anyway, you have a daily fasting interval which means no food after 8pm and no breakfast until lunchtime. It's actually meant to be pretty unhealthy for women to have such long fasting intervals so frequently, but it got me thinking. Why do I even eat porridge first thing in the morning? I'm not that hungry and I just have another breakfast at 10am anyway. So I've stopped eating porridge. I thought I'd really miss it, but it's actually fine. Perhaps because I'm still eating oats (muesli) and perhaps because the weather is that little bit warmer.

    Well, this has been a fabulous chat. See you later and SHANA TOVA!