Friday, September 19, 2014

Referendum day is here at last (AM)

Referendum day has finally arrived! In fact, it's almost over, as I'm writing this at 11:21pm after just getting home from seeing a fairly amusing play about the referendum. The polls closed an hour and twenty minutes ago and the counting has begun.
By the time your working day is over, southern hemisphere crab fans, we should know the result. It's a jolly exciting business, I tell you what.
But before we get to that, we have a whole referendum day to discuss! 
Let's hop to it!  
The day began in true scotch style,  good and foggy. 
That's Edinburgh Castle, behind all that foggy dew. 
While waiting for my morning coffee, I flipped through the papers which were like a bellows to the fiery fire of excitement in my heart.

I love the word 'mibbe'. There was a show on tele for a few nights called Mibbes Aye, Mibbes Naw which asked ordinary scots which way they were going to vote and why. It was actually really tabloid, but the phrase Mibbes Aye, Mibbes Naw is a hoot and reason enough to watch. 

But back to my day. At lunchtime, I headed to the nearest polling station to soak up the buzz. 

This is what I found. 

Ok. That's an informative sign but I was expecting more. I knew better than to expect a sausage sizzle , because I'd been told there unheard of at elections in this country. Sad. But where were the people handing out flyers? Where were the people just milling about talking about voting? I was a little disappointed. 

I went inside to have a look and maybe see if I could wrangle an 'Yes' badge. The official turned me away though, telling me I couldn't just go in and have a look and I couldn't take a photo and made me feel like I was compromising the whole electoral process for wanting to go in and have a look. Tory bastard. 

I was beginning to feel pretty disheartened, until I found this guy.
Surprised Yes robot! Moments later he became coy Yes robot. 

Either way, he's cute and pro-independence. 

Someone who doesn't share his view is this guy.

Geez guy, hasn't anyone ever told you that desperation is a real turn off? I'm not sure your sign is going to work.

This one was my favourite pro-union sign. 

That's a nice positive message! 
I had to head back to the office, but my overall impression of the vibe on the street was one of very subtle but tangible nervous excitement. 

Back at the office, people were trying very hard not to talk about the referendum. I guess because it's politics, and people don't talk about their politics at work. While they've all been successfully avoiding it so far, they couldn't help themselves this arvo. It was on for young and old and really cranked up my excitement  levels again. No one came out and said who they were voting for, but I suspect there are more nays than ayes. 

At the end of the day, Appleheart and I went out for a bite, then to the Traverse Theatre to see a play written on Twitter called the Yes No Plays. As you would expect from a bunch of those creative types, excitement was at fever pitch. The room was buzzing with referendum chatter, and referendum nail polish.
It was so great. And as soon as the play finished , everyone rushed off to start watching the count on TV. Which I'm off to do right now! Actually, I'm going to watch for a little while, then go to sleep and am setting my alarm for 5am so I can see the result. 
By the time J posts this arvo, we'll have a result. 

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