Thursday, September 11, 2014

I see a black thumb and I want it painted green (AM)

I've always had black thumbs that have meant death for plants. I had a thriving cactus and succulent collection as a child. If not thriving, at least living. But that was so long ago. Since then I've tried a few things, tried to keep plants here and there, but always unsuccessfully. I've  lived in houses with gardens, always over grown and, I thought, too far beyond my control and I was never really convinced I should bother with them. But some things changed. And by that I mean my living arrangements and attitudes rather than my thumbs. 

Important factors include:
A few years ago LB's dad moved into a lovely Art Deco flat, sparsely furnished but with many house plants and it felt quite heavenly. It also had views of Sydney Harbour. I couldn't get the views but I could get house plants I thought. 

And, K loves gardening. So that got me thinking...

Also I was living at my Mum's. She had the garden but I had the back steps and I thought I could garden in pots. The manageability of which was very appealing. 

So I did it. Grew a cherry tomato plant that bore five whole cherry tomatoes. Which was really very exciting for me. I had enough mint and basil for my cooking. It was quite thrilling. As last winter came in I was optimistic, I planted garlic bulbs and rununculus too but I only grew one lone flower. Then I moved house. 

Turns out those rununculus I planted in autumn 2013 flowered this winter. Seems like a sign. 

The good thing about my garden now is that while there is a fair bit of it, the beds are of a manageable size. And I had someone else figure out what to do. In autumn Chickpea came over with knowledge and a plan and a dedication to weeding that I could not muster on my own and together* we got most of the front garden weeded and planted a small veggie patch. Oh sure only 2 spring onions grew and a couple of little lettuces. Carrots were never heard of again, nor were the peas. But the parsley... Boy can I grow parsley. 

You can't really tell here but there is about a metre of parsley. Turns out we have so much parsley that several neighbours, unbeknown to me and uninvited, frequently come and help themselves to it. I know it now because they've been busted. 

Parsley is obviously easy to grow and I'm not saying my thumbs have changed but on the weekend I did much of my spring planting. 

The pond looked much better before hail chipped all the paint off on Tuesday
Nothing has had the chance to die yet so I'm feeling cautiously optimistic. But I'm a realist too. I'd just like to see a couple if tomatoes, maybe a strawberry this summer. Dare to dream I always say. 

*Me giving encouragement and she doing everything

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