Monday, September 15, 2014

I don't get it (AM)

After months of encouragement from J, I finally joined Instagram.
So far I've only posted one photo, of a guide dog that supports Scottish independence.

As with all my other social media platforms, I'm more of a consumer than a contributor. I feel a bit bad about that and hope to do more posting. But right now I'm mainly on it to see what people like J, Legsley and Pigeon are up to. Lots of nice things like hanging out with babies and eating porridge, FYI. I'm also using instagram to see what people are wearing and what clothes shops are selling.

After just a fortnight on Instagram, all I can say is that clothes shops are selling a bunch of unflattering stuff that wouldn't look good on anyone.

Because of the limitations of using the blogger website on an ipad, I can't show you as many examples as I'd like. But basically, everything looks like this, but in much kookier fabrics.

Here's something from Alpha60, a label I really like:

It looks like what a clown would wear when it was cleaning its shower. 

And this, from Monkhouse, a store I really really like:

I don't even know how to come at that because I am a grown woman and not a small child. And I really don't want to sound all negative and like I'm coming down on alpha60 or Monkhouse because like I said, I like both of them. 

But I really don't get it. I thought people wanted to look good. I know I do. And I know J does. I mean, have you read Miss Soft Crab? And who looks good in the expensive, synthetic fabric equivalent of  a hessian sack? A pile of potatoes, that's who. And that's all.

I really don't get it and I really want to talk about it.

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