Monday, September 15, 2014

I don't get it (PM)

Phew! When I started  reading Miss Soft Crab  this morning I thought K was going to say she didn't like Instagram and thought it was shit. God forbid.

Turns out she just doesn't like shit stuff like some of the spring/summer collections that are popping up in shops and the internet. 

The other day after K mentioned these sacks to me in an email I decided it was time to have a real proper look at Alpha60's latest range. 

In addition to the clown's nightie K featured earlier I saw this:

It made me imagine how things went while they were designing the collection. 

Designer 1: Fuck it I can't be bothered working on this season any more. Cut out 2 rectangles and sew them to some straps

Designer 2. Ok. But let's put circles over the boobs so it looks like we've done something

And these:

Designer 1: People expect more from us than just "pants".

Designer 2: I've got it! Let's put a circle over the crotch so it looks like we've done something.

At which point I emailed K to tell her I thought Alpha had jumped the shark and drunk the Kool-aid. But it's still likely I'll buy something from them before the end of the season. 

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