Thursday, August 15, 2013

Telecommuting (AM...but it's actually PM)

Hi Crab friends. Sorry for my tardy post.  I’m in Sydney and everyone knows that things move quite slowly up here.  Sydney is famous for its slow pace. You wanna find somewhere to just escape the rat race and relax? Go to Sydney. Ask anyone, they’ll tell you.

But seriously, I am in Sydney.  For pleasure.  Appleheart had a work do last night and because I love other people’s work functions, I concocted a plan to fly up yesterday after work, go to Appleheart’s thing, and then go to work as normal on Thursday and Friday, but from Sydney. It's called telecommuting!But there's really no commuting involved at all. It’s the best! But naturally I was beset by technical difficulties this morning, so I’m running a little bit behind schedule.

Working from Sydney is quite nice. Obviously there are differences to working from my office in Melbourne. In Melbourne, my office is an office,  not a Travelodge.
We have Nescafe Blend 43 and Arnott’s Assorted Creams at my office. Here we have something called Douwe Egberts.
On the back it says: "Empty contents in to cup, add boiling water".
The view from my office in Melbourne is quite lovely. It looks out over the Fitzroy Gardens.
The view from my Sydney office is a bunch of buildings.

But the most apparent difference relates more to Sydney itself rather than my Sydney office.  You guys, they don't seem to have winter up here. It's warm and sunny as hell. There is sun streaming in on me as I write this. It's messing with my usual feelings of gratitude for my job because it keeps me  warm and snug in my office all through winter. Right now I feel like the Travelodge office is getting in the way of me and some sunshine. Not cool, Sydney. How are people supposed to feel grateful for their jobs when you pour sun on them all the time.

I'm going to make myself a cup of Douwe Egberts and think about that.

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