Thursday, August 22, 2013

Best things (PM)

WE need the fleece
And while we're on the topic, we also need proper pure wool jumpers that aren't really thin and cost a million dollars, COUNTRY ROAD!!
Those trackies are great. I thought they were proper pants until I read the post and realised what we were talking about. That's how good they look!

And yes, things really are the best. 
Like coffee. I know we talk about it quite often, but my coffee habits have changed recently (i.e. this week) which have led me to love coffee more, if you can believe that.  

Now, I have a home brew at work in the morning, then hold out until the early arvo to get my first store bought milky brew, from this new place near my work that makes some high quality shit. When you read this (if you are reading it at about 2:30pm), I am moments away from having a delicious coffee.
It is truly the best thing. 

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