Thursday, August 8, 2013

In praise of condiments (AM)

One might say that in respect to condiments America has gone too far. Fluffernutter?! A spread that combines peanut butter and marshmallow?! Unnecessary. And yet I think it is the American love of the condiments that makes me kind of love America.

Lets examine some recent experiences and find out whether America is condiment crazy or condiment can-do! (What?)

1. In LA we were having breakfast at a chain store bakery cafe joint. It was perfectly fine and LB ordered a bread basket for which they gave him no less than six spreads! Wanting to experience the true America I started shoving a knife I all the jars getting some of all them spreads on the bread.  Mostly it was jams but then I tried some I identified brown goo and discovered it was speculoos spread. Speculoos spread!!! In case you don't know a speculoo is a spicy European biscuit that is quite crunchy and delicious and those crazy yanks have turned it into a spread! A gooey, spicy, sweet spread. Ok, it turns out the Belgians made it into a spread but those crazy yanks are importing it. Why doesn't Australia have the gumption to do that? Could I eat it all the time? Hells no, but would it be a delicious spreadable breakfast treat? Hells yeah!

2. Remember that thing I said about sandwiches in LA, well, I think that Americans just really know their way around a sandwich and its not just the fillings, it's the way they put them together and then add condiments. I think. The one that took the cake was a sandwich I ate the other day at Chealsea Market. It was a roasted cauliflower sandwich that I did not have high hopes for, but it was really, very good. Oh sure the combination of spiced cauliflower, lettuce and grated carrot was good, but it was the chilli mayonnaise that really made it. And the fact they give you a side of hot sauce. I mean, why don't sandwich makers ask you, "You want hot sauce?" With every sandwich order? Catch up, Australia. 

Condiments for life! 

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